Help Defeat the Billion Dollar Bully

Billion Dollar Bully

In an upcoming documentary titled Billion Dollar Bully, Kaylie Milliken and Mellissa Wood aim to shed light on the troubled relationship between marketing giant Yelp and small business owners.

According to the Billion Dollar Bully Kickstarter campaign:


“Billion Dollar Bully is an investigative documentary about Yelp that examines the claims by business owners of extortion, review manipulation and review fabrication. In this documentary you will meet business owners from across a broad spectrum, whose commonality is their allegations of Yelp’s questionable business dealings. For years, Yelp has been accused of unethical business practices, all of which Yelp vehemently denies and chalks up as conspiracy theories. Business owners and consumers deserve to see arguments for and against Yelp’s business tactics. After so much debate in the media, this documentary is long overdue.”


We fully understand the problems with other review sites, which is why we’re dedicated to building something better. WikiReviews is built with community in mind, which includes both customers and business owners. The wiki platform will eliminate problems inherent in other reviews sites, such as fake reviews and extortion. Learn more about how WikiReviews will revolutionize the online review space here.

If you would like to help bring this documentary to life, please visit the film’s Kickstarter page to back the project.

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