3 WikiReviews Features That Will Blow Your Mind


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Before you continue with this post, please be warned that what you are about to read may very well blow your mind. If you’re ready for that, then please continue. If not, then put down your mouse and slowly walk away from your computer.
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We think you’re ready. Unless you absolutely hate cool things that make your life easier, we advise you keep reading to find out about these 3 WikiReviews features.

1. Buyer’s Guide
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You’re pretty smart, but it’s tough to know everything there is to know about a particular gadget, service or idea. That’s why we’ve created a feature that helps you understand key words, phrases, and definitions that will help you make your decision.

Use the buyer’s guide as your own personal online dictionary to learn about new products you are interested in, but may not fully understand. You’ll even be able to add your 2 cents to help out the rest of the community!

2. Anonymous Reviews

So you want to write a review about your neighbor’s coffee shop but you don’t want him or her to know it was you? That’s okay, we understand where you’re coming from.
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In fact, we think there are several reasons to want to write reviews anonymously. That’s why we will allow users to write anonymous reviews. We’ll allow 1 out of every 5 reviews you write on WikiReviews.com to be anonymous. We know you have great things to say and we think people should be able to put a face with those great reviews. That’s why we will require you to post named reviews in addition to the anonymous ones.

3. Watch List

Whether it’s a new bistro down the street or a new gadget you’re dying to buy, there’s no doubt that you’ve got your eye on something. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep an eye on that product or business without having to do too much work?
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Our watch list will allow just that. You can add businesses you’d like to visit and products you’d like to buy. Simply add them to your watch list and then see what others are saying about them. If that bistro you’re dying to try gets rave reviews, then you’d better get out and give them a try! If that gadget you thought you needed turns out to be a flop, you can thank your watch list for letting you know.

These features and more are what’s going to change the way you look at online reviews. Which of these features are you looking forward to most?
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