Help Raise Money to Fund Collaborative, Community Wiki Reviews

Now I know when you saw Community

wiki reviews in the title,

you thought we meant

these guys:

and that it would be a wiki where people can

review who Jeff will date next. But that’s not it.


Here’s what wiki reviews are:

Imagine if you were visiting



First, we’d tell you to be wary of:


(Ahem) …anyways, let’s say you wanted to

go out to eat. So you pull out your phone

and you pull up any local review site:


Well you find a great

little Brazilian place called Delicias De Minas:

and you see it has really great reviews, every

time someone is waited on by Peter.

So you go there but don’t get waited on

by Peter. You get Jerry:

and the place is great, the food is great,


How do you fairly review that online?

And that’s just PART of why we

are starting a collaborative, community

review site called!

Here, this video explains it more better…



And yes, we know more better isn’t right.

(We were seeing if you were

paying attention…

you were!)

So that’s where you come in.

Help us with our grammar.

Go here when our site launches:


But until then, you can help here:

You probably have some change in here:

and if you’re a big corporation, you probably

have some change in… these?

Why not contribute to bettering your

local community reviews?

It’s worth it to:

  • You (you’re awesome!)

  • Your business (Aren’t YOU Smart!?)

  • Your band (You’re the next D, Rock on!)

  • Your movie ( had me at wiki reviews)

  • Your book (Alliterative literaries are alluring)

  • Your business plan (investing will yield a great ROI)

  • Your game (Imma charging may lasers, pew pew!)

  • ..or ANYTHING else you can think to review.


Building a better internet starts here:

Help us get and

collaborative, community driven reviews

up and running…


It’s what Inspector SpaceTime would do.

Click me! It’s easier than scrolling back up.

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