What makes WikiReviews at wikireviews.com different are many, many things.

First, wiki means community.  It’s a collaborative effort by community members to make something special.

Secondly, as someone used to say about the sauce, “It’s in there.”  We’ve added little touches to make reviewing easier, more accurate and much more useful.

In a standard five-star review site, if a restaurant has great service, great food but horrible atmosphere, how can you easily account for that?  You can’t, sadly.  You’d have to figure out some arbitrary way to account for that in your one to five star review.

Here is how we approach it in wiki reviews:

wikireviews rating

As you can see, this gives a MUCH greater control for the person searching for information.  And where the wiki part comes in is that the categories are suggested and voted upon by the community, collaboratively.

It’s your site, your community, your community.

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