Wikireviews: Taking the Guesswork Out of Reviews

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Have you ever relied on an online review to make a decision about where to eat or what to buy? Of course you have! Have you ever been let down because your experience didn’t live up to the review you relied on? Probably!

This happens more often than you think and here are a couple reasons why:

1. The review was fake and didn’t accurately represent the business you dealt with.

2. The review was outdated and irrelevant.

3. The review was filtered by some wacky algorithm that a rocket scientist couldn’t understand.

With Wikireviews, you won’t have to worry about any of those reasons. We will rely on the community to monitor and police our listings. We’ll even take it one step further to show you the entire history of a review.

Here’s what we mean by that:

Let’s say, for example, you decided to look up a place to grab some sushi with your friends after work. You’d head over to or load the app on your smart phone and type in “sushi restaurant” to start scanning the results. You’ll find a list of great options ranging in price, atmosphere, location, and many other factors. On a review site like Yelp the first page of results will be reviews for restaurants who pay to advertise or those favored by the “elite.” We don’t care much for those types of results, so we decided to fix the problem.

As you’re browsing the reviews on our site you’ll notice each one has a history tied to it.

You’ll be able to see:

1. If the community voted it to go into filtered results or if our algorithm filtered it.

2. Whether the review is currently being disputed for anything, such as phony accounts and inaccuracies.

3. Whether any voting is currently taking place to make the review more (or less) accurate.

We’ll enhance the user experience and help businesses succeed by providing a thorough and accurate history of each review on our site. You don’t like fake or inaccurate reviews and neither do we. Together we can take a stand!

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