4 Review Website Features You Want That Others Don’t Have

review website features

Wikireviews.com will be much different than your typical online review site. In fact, once you get a taste of our site, you’ll likely want to say goodbye to the others. Not only will WikiReviews be honest, community driven, and 100% free, it will also be packed full of great features to enhance the user experience. There are many features available to you on WikiReviews, all of which we are itching to tell you about. As excited as we are, you’ll have to wait until launch to learn about some of them. Until then, consider these 4 features we offer that will help make your online review experience better than ever before.

Portable Reviews

You might be wondering what we mean by this. Portable reviews are exactly what they sound like. You can move them around wherever they fit best. For example, let’s say you go to a particular restaurant and review your favorite waiter. You tell the world about his great personality, charming good looks, and his impeccable memory of your favorite dishes. Then tragedy strikes and he packs up his things and heads over to a new restaurant to wait tables. That’s okay! With WikiReviews, you can follow your beloved server to his next job and sing his praises there. We want writing reviews to be personal and accurate, which is why this feature is so important.  All we need is help from you, to let us know when a person leaves or joins a business.

Free Alerts

There are very few things in this life for free. Lucky for you we’re providing you something for nothing. On our site you’ll be able to set up alerts for businesses or projects you have an interest in. Here’s what we mean. You visited a brand new coffee shop downtown and had a less than desirable experience. You figured the coffee shop just needed to work out a few kinks and that soon it would be serving up the best cup of joe on the near east side. Rather than visiting the shop just to be let down again, why not set up custom alerts by adding the coffee shop to your Watchlist, and get notified each time others review the shop? This way you’ll be able to keep track of their progress and determine when or if it’s worth giving it another shot (or double shot).

Let’s say there is a brand new product you really want to purchase but just are not quite sure if it good.  It may look great but you are not sure if it is made of the quality you hope it is.  With this feature, you can wait, add the product to your Watchlist and sit back and wait for the new reviews to be emailed to you so you can find out first hand from others, just how good the product really is.

Import Social Media Contacts

One of the best features of WikiReviews is the ability to import social media contacts directly to the site. You’ll be able to see which Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest pals are already using our site and also invite them if they aren’t. With a few simple clicks you’ll be able to start sharing reviews with friends and family!

Have a Favorites List

One of the best parts of WikiReviews is being able to share your “favorites” with your friends and family. Say you went to see the recent movie “Wolf of Wall Street” and you absolutely loved it. Add it to your Favorites and whenever your friends visit your WikiReviews Profile they will automatically see that you loved that movie. This feature allows you to share your hair salon, your go-to auto body shop and favorites plasma tv with your friends and family. More than likely, they trust your judgment and will want to see your “favorites.”

If we’ve said it once we’ve said it a thousand times, WikiReviews is no ordinary review site. Our goal is to create the world’s best review site and it takes features like these and super-awesome people like yourself to do it. We’re working hard at developing the site so it’s ready to launch as soon as possible, but we are still looking for ideas.

What features would you love to see on a review site? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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