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Pebble Time

Smart watches are effectively wearable computers. They allow one to be constantly up to date without having to pull out their phone. A smart watch is a mobile device with a touch screen display designed to be worn on the wrist and Pebble released two smart watches within a week apart from each other. The Pebble Time Steel is the high-end version of the Pebble Time watch, which was introduced during the week of February 22.  The Time Watch will ship in May and the higher-end Time Steel will ship in July. Both of these smart watches may be preordered on right now. 

Pebble Time


The question we are all asking ourselves is why Pebble would release two brand new watches within a week of each other. My answer to that is I have no clue why Pebble would do that. However, there are some major differences between the Time Watch and the Time Steel that I would like to inform you about.

The Time Steel uses different materials, a different battery, and it is priced higher than the Time Watch. The Time Watch will be priced at $199 as opposed to the Time Steel, which will be priced at $299. (You can actually save money on the Steel Watch and preorder it on Kickstarter now for $250) The Time Steel comes with a face made of stainless steel and gorilla glass, with metallic finishes of silver, gold and black and it is also 1 millimeter thicker than the Time Watch. Pebble will also include two different watch straps with the Time Steel. Each Steel Watch will ship with a leather watch strap and steel watch strap allowing the customer to pick and choose depending on their strap preference. 

If you’re one of the 54,000 people who’ve combined to spend more than $11 million pre-ordering a Time Watch on Kickstarter you will be able to easily upgrade to Pebble Time Steel, without losing your place in line. From a consumer’s standpoint, I appreciate how Pebble is allowing their customers to upgrade to the higher-end watch if they deem it necessary without any penalty. What are your thoughts and opinions on the brand new Pebble Time Smartwatch?  And which watch would you prefer the Time Watch or the Time Steel?

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