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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Wiki Reviews is all about community. Every feature on our site will be powered by you, the community! Without you guys we’d just be another online review site that rhymes with the word help. Help, coincidentally, is exactly what we need from you.

 In the Wiki Reviews Participate sections, there are 6 ways you can help us out.

1) Patrol Recent Changes

In this section, we need your help in reviewing every change that was made to the site..from every piece of content that was added (images, text or video) we need your help in ensuring there was no spam or irrelevant pictures/videos.  We need your help in ensuring that new listings on the site are real.  Ensuring that the website links, addresses, phone numbers and product and movie information submitted by users are accurate.

2) Add new

Let’s say you just had the best steak of your life. Now we want to know the details of your experience! With the Add New section of Participate, you’ll be able to add just about anything for review. Write it up, publish it, and share it with the community! You can also add new locations, products, and people in this section.

3) Rate

Now that you have shared your review about the best steak of your life, it’s time for the community to share their input. With the Rate feature, the community can decide just how good of a review you left. Was your review so good it enticed everyone to head out and get a steak for themselves? If so, you can bet your rating is going up! Maybe your review left out some important details…that’s okay but you’ll do better next time. You can also rate images, feedback, and even owner responses to reviewers who left poor reviews.  We also have a Q&A section and you can rate how good the questions and answers are so the best shows up at the top,  other specific topics in this section.

4) Improve

As you were writing up your review about that tasty steak, you noticed the phone number was nowhere to be found for the restaurant. In the Improve section you’ll have a chance to improve the listing by adding contact information. You’ll also have the option to improve categories, photos, and all content in this part of the Participate section.

5) Moderate

If you’re working with us to keep the site truthful and functional, the Moderate section may be the place you spend a lot of your time. In this section you can ensure the authenticity of all content (text, images and video) that were flagged by the community for review.  Stay tuned for more details about this section in an upcoming blog post!

6) Community voting

Everyone likes to be heard. That’s why we made voting such an integral part of Wiki Reviews. With community voting, you’ll be able to vote on issues important to the direction of WikiReviews as well as to existing issues the community is facing on the site.  This includes voting on the status of what happens to disputed reviews, controversial images and video.  We rely on the community perform critical voting tasks about the actual existence of recently added listings, and validating if reported business closures or changes of addresses are correct.  WikiReviews relies on community voting for everything that is core to the site including  voting if new product info and movie info that others in the community add is in fact correct.  We depend on you to keep the site current and accurate and voting is the best way to do it.

We’re looking forward to launching the site and we can’t wait to see how everyone participates. What are you looking forward to most with Wiki Reviews?

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