Business Owners Regain Power By Relying On The Community

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With many online review sites like Yelp, business owners have very little power. Instead, a community manager or administrator is the gatekeeper and controls what users see. This means that when a fake or inaccurate review is shared on the website, there is no easy way to take it down or edit it. With, we will eliminate this burden and place power back in the hands of the business owner.

For example, let’s say you’re a business owner and your main competitor creates a phony account and leaves false reviews about your business. They bash your employees and make up lies about your product or service. With a site like Yelp, you are stuck with that review indefinitely. Sure, you can email a dozen nameless people and cross your fingers to hope you hear back, but it’s not likely. Chances are your dispute will be ignored and you’ll waste valuable time emailing and calling or hear back that there is nothing they will do about the review.

On our site the business owner will have an easy appeals process to rectify the bogus review. The business owner will login to their account and begin the process of fixing the review from within their own dashboard. The Business Owner can Dispute the Review and provide any additional information/evidence supporting his/her position.  The person who posted the review as well is able to post any additional information and then, all of this information will go up to the community to vote on and determine if the review stays, or if it gets deleted or placed into filtered results.

Disputing the status (filtered, unfiltered or deleted) of reviews, can also be initiated by the Community.  If enough users flag a review and want to Initiate a Community Vote, then a Community Vote will take place to determine status.  On WikiReviews, we do as the Community desires and will move reviews as the community sees fit!

Not only will the power business owners now have recourse, but we’re also giving ultimate control to the community. The business owner and WikiReviews community can work together to keep all reviews honest and accurate. There will be no more fake reviews from your competition or their employees. Just honest reviews from your customers!


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