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video reviews

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth at least a million. Right?

We think so, which is why we built with the functionality to allow users to create and publish video reviews. This will be handy for those times when a paragraph and a picture just won’t do.

Here are 2 examples of when to upload a video review:

Example 1

Let’s say you’re out with friends on a Friday night at your city’s best blues bar. You’d like to tell the world about the sweet riffs and lush merlot you’re enjoying. There’s no way you’ll be able to describe the way that Fender Strat sounds on stage by using words alone. Don’t worry, upload a video of the band playing and then share a few details about your fermented refreshments too!

Example 2

The day has finally come. Your brand new totally awesome (you thought) thingamajig dinglehopper has arrived. Problem is, it doesn’t work at all like it is supposed to. You could write a couple paragraphs about your disappointment or you could upload a video to prove your point. Your video can show details about how this product falls short so other consumers won’t get burned too.

*Special note: Maybe it’s best to not buy products called thingamajig dinglehoppers from now on.

new balance running shoes

This is how uploading a video review will work:

Uploading a video review will work much like a normal review. Here are the steps to uploading a review to WikiReviews:

1. Log in or create an account (A must to write a review).

2. Review our Content Guidelines.
new balance 574 black
3. Search for the listing you want to write a review about and click on the listing.
nike free shipping
4. Click on Write A Review button at the top of the page (Please be sure to give an overall star as well as detailed star ratings).

5. Think of your readers. Who would read this?  Use words that target your readers age and please include as much detail as possible.

6. If there is a specific person at the location who assisted you, please either add that person’s name or choose from the pulldown to further assist us on reviewing actual people who work at the location.

7. Post your review to Facebook or Twitter if you’d like.

8. Add videos and images if you can.

9. Click on ‘Submit’ if everything is OK and let the community enjoy!

What’s a situation where you would upload a video review? Share in the comments below!

nike free trainer review

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