WikiReviews vs Yelp: Don’t Drive a Lemon When You Deserve a Cadillac

WikiReviews vs Yelp

You wouldn’t buy a new car without first comparing all the options, right? Of course not, because if you did you know you’d likely be unhappy with your choice. You might find another option has more features you like, more horsepower, and better gas mileage.

Lucky for you, you’re a savvy shopper and you know the importance of finding the best options available, no matter what the product or service may be.
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You may have thought Yelp to be the best option up to this point for online reviews. We’re here to present to you the option you don’t want to miss. The one with all the bells and whistles you deserve. We’ll cover how WikiReviews goes above and beyond with features you deserve to make your online review experience far superior to anything you’ve found on Yelp.
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No Hidden Algorithm, Just Trusted Reviews

A computer doesn’t experience products and services, people do. That’s why our filtering process will be based on the experience of trusted users, and not a hidden algorithm that exists on a hard drive somewhere. The International Business Times provides detailed accounts of how Yelp’s filtered reviews are hurting businesses. Our filter is much simpler, and much more effective. This post covers how it will work and how it will help businesses.
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Business Owners Have a Voice

Do a search on “yelp hurts small businesses” and you’ll find horror stories from around the globe about small business owners getting burned by Yelp. In each of these stories you’ll find a recurring theme. Business owners feel they have no voice and no way to rectify fake or untrue reviews.
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On our site, the business owner will have a voice. As a business owner you’ll be able to Dispute a review and present your side of the situation.  The reviewer will also be able to submit any additional information to support their review and then the community will vote if the review should be deleted, filtered or kept.  Business owners who respond to reviews will also hear directly from the community about how well they think the business owner responded to the reviewer.  This is additional insight business owners can gain and learn more about what the community expects.
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Text Is Nice, Video is Nicer

Don’t you agree? Yelp allows users to write text reviews and upload photos but with WikiReviews you’ll be able to create video reviews for anything. You can do a video review of your favorite coffee shop, new bike or most recent movie!  You can even upload a video of you singing a song and upload it in our Community Review Projects section and hear from the community what they think.  The possibilities are endless!

Don’t Settle for 5 Stars

You’re worth more than 5 stars, and local businesses are too. Our rating system goes beyond 5 stars to allow users to rate on various review elements, such as food quality, service and atmosphere. Don’t be vague by rating with a mere 5 stars. Don’t settle for cinco, you deserve more!
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Rate Individuals 

You’ll even be able to rate specific people at businesses. How many times have you been to a hair salon and they tell you who is free to cut your hair?  With WikiReviews, you will be able to know who is the exact person you should ask to get your haircut from because you will see reviews specifically related to them.  This takes the guesswork out of all those businesses where it is the person that matters and not the overall rating of the location!
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The World Is Yours, Review It

Okay. Reviewing everything in this world may be a little ambitious, but we think you should be able to review more than just local businesses, which is what you get with Yelp. That’s why we’re creating a site where the community can suggest all new categories to review from college athletic programs to law school preparatory classes to business conferences.  We want to be the “Wikipedia” of reviews and have reviews about everything.

Community Review Projects

Don’t let others tell you that you’re no good or that you don’t’ have talent.  How many times have famous artists or sports players or entrepreneurs been told their ideas or their abilities are not good.  This happens all the time.  Now, you no longer have to listen to that lone person telling you that you’re no good.  Upload anything from video of you playing, or new products or even a business plan or poem and hear back from the community at large as to what they think.
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Our Community Is King

We’re not suggesting a monarchy here. What we mean is that we think you guys (our community) should be in control. With Yelp, a robot with an attitude and an algorithm is in control. With us, we allow the community to intervene. If there’s suspicion of a fake review, the community will vote to determine its validity. We call this the Fairness Factor. It’s revolutionary and it’s going to change the way online reviews work.
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It’s nice to know what your friends recommend, not just where they’ve been or what they thought of it. You need details, right? We think so, so we’ve come up with a solution. Whether you’re looking for a babysitter or a basket weaver, you can use WikiReviews to find out who your friends recommend. Just connect Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and find out what your friends are up to.
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Options. It’s all about the options, and we know WikiReviews provides the best available. So next time you’re in the market for a new car (or boat, or babysitter, or website), be sure to check WikiReviews to find the provider with the best options for you.

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