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Write or dictate (with speech to text) fantastic reviews. You can even record your own video reviews! Your Reviews. Your Site.

Why settle for generic? We give you the tools you need to craft perfectly personalized reviews.

A business is the sum of its employees. Great experience with a particular employee? Give honor where it's due. Not so much? Sound off.

Be a part of the revolution and join the first site where you get the chance to review individual employees.

Tired of useless reviews that skew results? Vote with the community to eliminate trash and highlight treasure. The power is in your hands.

Tired of fake reviewers who eliminate review credibility? Join the first review site where you decide what should happen to the review!

Go deeper than a handful of stars. WikiReviews offers multiple review categories so you can find 5-star quality in a 2-star atmosphere.

Summing up a complex experience with a single rating doesn't make sense. We let you peel back the layers and go deep.

Take us with you on the go! Use the WikiReviews mobile app to scan product UPC codes for instant access to the reviews you need.

No need to stop, search, and scroll. Simply point and scan.

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A "Wiki" allows anyone and everyone to add, modify, or delete content in collaboration with others, creating a site based entirely on YOUR contributions.

With you in charge, the possibilities are endless.

What happens when two people disagree?

In other Wikis, disputes turn into back and forth battles, opinion against opinion, where nobody wins -OR -moderators take over, removing authority from users.

At WikiReviews, we take content disputes directly into community review. This means authority stays with YOU, the user, 100% of the time!

What's possible on WikiReviews? ANYTHING!

Rate movies, vote on products and review local services. Give genuine feedback to owners wanting to offer you a better customer experience.

Provide tips, offer warnings, suggest new categories or update listings. Flag fraudulent content or users attempting to undermine the review system.

The Wiki Factor means our site is yours to command. However. Whenever.

Improve Questions and Answers asked by the community.

Create and Validate New Listings.

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    Upload "before" and "after" images and receive support from your peers.

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    Post performance videos for community feedback and review.

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    List everything from artwork to business plan for feedback and review.

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    Create your own questions for community answers, votes and ratings.

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    Use custom statistical confidence levels for more accurate data analysis.

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    Target your project's exposure with our demographic segmentation tools.

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    Kickstart your campaign through social media outreach and networking.

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